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Movie musicvideos

Here you will find my videos But this is only musicvideos for movies! I was blown away by the latest Star Wars movie and decided to make a video dedicated to the relationship between Anakin & Padmé in Attack of The Clones! It's a little short since I didn't have a lot of clips... and also I added a promo for Revenge of The Sith in the end of the video. Please don't steal the clips using my tag (sus@n or susan) If posting my vids somewhere else please credit me! I have diffrent user names on diffrent sites, at I am sydneyCIA and the same at Allalias. At my username is sus@n (also used as a tag in my older vids) and at my aliasforum I am known as Sydney Bristow - but all those names are me - Susan and this is all my videos! I love all who supports me - I have so much support from where all members are very kind! And buffyforum you have supported me from the beginning!! Not all my videos are here, first of all I can´t share everything at the same time and second - some of my videos just simply doesn't get here. for Alias videos visit where I post them frequently! Thanks to for help and feedback! Requests is always fun to get - I have a couple of those now.

Star Wars videos

Star Wars is a property of George Lucas and his company Lucas arts! My videos is made only for fun and not for profit. The songs used in the videos belongs to the artists and their companies, No infringement intended. Well here it is!

Anakin & Padmé.